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TheMillburn Old Guard meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month (except July and August) at the Bauer Center in Taylor Park.

Meetings start at 10:30 AM unless noted otherwise.



Meeting Schedule for NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018



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NOVEMBER 1 – JOHN SILIO, Maplewood Hobby Shop owner, told us about his shop and detail the famous Battle of Springfield with his small soldier collection.


NOVEMBER 15 – We learned more about the local DOWN THE BLOCK, a highly regarded benefactor with life changing results, from its president, ELIZABETH STEVENS.


DECEMBER 6 – CHRISTINE BURTON, Superintendent of the Millburn School System, brought us up to date on the strengths and challenges of one of the premiere public school systems in our state.


DECEMBER 13 – THE CHATHAM BRASS entertained us once again, followed by our annual HOLIDAY LUNCHEON.



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Photos from some recent events, most of which displaying speakers receiving certificates from the Millburn Old Guard, are shown below:


DECEMBER 6, 2018 – CHRISTINE BURTON, Superintendent, and Nancy Dreis, of the Millburn School System brought us up to date on the strengths and challenges of one of the premiere public school systems in our state.


Click here for Chatham Brass Video

On DECEMBER 15, 2016, the Chatham Brass, a favorable assemblage of top quality musicians, with Millburn Township Senior Citizen Coordinator Jaimee Hawkins participating, performed favorite Holiday tunes.




NOVEMBER 1, 2018 – JOHN SILIO, Maplewood Hobby Shop owner, told us about his shop and detail the famous Battle of Springfield with his small soldier collection.

NOVEMBER 15, 2018 – We learned more about the local DOWN THE BLOCK, a highly regarded benefactor with life changing results, from its president, ELIZABETH STEVENS.




OCTOBER 4, 2018 – SKIP UNGER, musicologist, told us about the famous American Jazz Age and play some of the great popular music that we have all heard and loved.

OCTOBER 18 – SUE SEIDENFELD, Creative Director of COPE CENTER, spoke on Legalized Marijuana, a problem or a panacea.




SEPTEMBER 6, 2018 – ALEXANDER MCDONALD, Millburn Township Business Administrator, furnished us with the current financial state of the town.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 – NJ STATE SENATOR THOMAS H. KEAN Jr. brought us abreast of the state of the state.





JUNE 7, 2018 – VISIT TO THE NEWARK MUSEUM, for a tour and visit of the special exhibit “The Rockies and the Alps: Bierstadt, Calame, and the Romance of the Mountains", narrated by Docent DR. NATHALIE BAILY. This exhibit took a unique transnational look at changing perceptions and experiences of the mountains in the United States and in Europe during a critical period, from the 1830s to the 1870s, when artists, scientists, tourists, and armchair travelers were all awakening to the attractions of mountain scenery. 3 p.m.

For video of selections from this Chatham Brass presentation, click here


JUNE 21, 2018 – THE CHATHAM BRASS entertained us again, followed by our ANNUAL SUMMER BARBECUE.







MARCH 15, 2018 – BATTALION CHIEF THOMAS P. PIZZANO, JR., Administrative Officer and Fire Marshal of the Millburn Fire Department, spoke to us about fire safety and prevention.

MAY 3, 2018 – Dr. JAY M. KAPPRAFF, Professor Emeritus at NJIT talked about the proportions of the Parthenon, including their relation to the pentatonic scale of music. Recent work of the speaker shows a connection of the proportions of the Parthenon to Vedic India that reveal the lengths of both the solar and lunar years in which area relates to time.



FEBRUARY 15, 2018 – JESSICA KELLY,   MPH, CHES, Health Educator, Livingston Health Department, spoke to us about Preventing Sickness.

MARCH 1, 2018 – THOMAS BAIO, RA, AIA, Principal Architect of Thomas Baio, PC, in Millburn, talked about Millburn and Short Hills History from an architectural perspective. He is a trustee and past president of the Millburn Short Hills Historical Society.



JANUARY 18, 2018 - MICHAEL BANICK, Director of the Millburn Public Library, discussed how our library is meeting the challenges of changes in the public it serves and the needs of the community.

FEBRUARY 1, 2018 – ROB WALTON, Area Manager at Jersey Power & Light Company, talked about Home Energy Efficiency.




NOVEMBER 30, 2017 – NOLAN ASCH is a familiar and popular speaker at our group.  He gave us a fresh look at Alexander Hamilton that includes research from the Federalist Papers plus new interpretations of this illustrious Founding Father's life.

For video of selected songs from this Chatham Brass presentation, click here

DECEMBER 14, 2017 – THE CHATHAM BRASS  entertained us again, followed by our ANNUAL HOLIDAY LUNCHEON.



NOVEMBER 9 – DONNA RUGGIERO, Millburn Township Tax Collector, spoke about taxes in regard to the statuary duties of the tax collector, including billing, reporting, collection and enforcement. She also talked about the various state property tax relief programs.

NOVEMBER 16 – DR. JOSEPH AARON our new member this year, looked back on his family's struggles coming to America and on his own long medical career culminating in his practice in clinical medicine.




OCTOBER 26 – DR. RICHARD SCHONBERG, President of the World War2 Book Club, has been a member since the inception of this fine institution which was originally started by the late John J. McLaughlin. The club meets once a month with authors who are invited to The Millburn Library to discuss their book to the general audience.

NOVEMBER 2 – ELLE BERNARDO, a registered dietician and nutritionist for the ShopRite organization and dietetic intern  Rachel Lee,  gave us information essential for seniors about the food we eat and supplements we take.



OCTOBER 12, 2017 – TOM DOTY, Millburn Township Shade Tree Department, discussed present issues and concerns in the Millburn Township.

OCTOBER 19, 2017 – KAREN BIGOS, Realtor, discussed Trends of Millburn-Short Hills Real Estate History now and yesterday, involving two historic districts protected by The Historic Preservation Society through the Millburn Building Department.



SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 – EVE POSNER came to explain and demonstrate the ORCAM (“see for yourself”), a technological advanced system which is a mini camera and a speaker unit that both sit on a user’s eye glass frame and converts visual information into audio, a Godsend for the visually impaired.

OCTOBER 5, 2017 JOAN BORNEMAN, a life long resident of Millburn, retired Millburn Board of Education School Nurse and active community member, discussed "THE MILLBURN WE ALL REMEMBER". She is the daughter of the late Mr. Koll, owner of the well known luncheonette KOLL'S on Millburn Avenue.



  SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 The Interfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges provides essentials for a minimum of 200 families a week. Local Board Member PEGGY BAGGALEY helps to run this life supporting enterprise and delved into its workings and efforts.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 – DAVID ROGERS, a former vice-president of the Singer Manufacturing Company, talked about the history of sewing, sewing machines and told us about his 25 years with a great company in the annals of American Industrial history.



For video of selected songs from the Chatham Brass Presentation, click here

JUNE 15, 2017 - THE CHATHAM BRASS entertained us again, followed by our ANNUAL SUMMER BARBECUE.

 JUNE 21 – FISHING EXCURSION ON THE PARTY BOAT SEA TIGER II out of the Municipal Harbor at Atlantic Highlands.













 MAY 24  Our Annual Ladies Day Luncheon was held at the Canoe Brook Country Club.

 JUNE 8 – DR. SALLY FULLMAN, Lead Coordinator of project HEALTHY BONES, had talked to us in 2011 about the changing face of osteoporosis. She returned to discuss new initiatives and medical developments to maintain and improve bone health.



For video of selected songs from the Presentation, click here

MAY 11, 2017 – A group from THE MORRIS MUSIC MEN gave a  presentation about the History of Barbershop Singing and performed various songs from their repertoire.

 MAY 18, 2017 – DR. HAROLD WIENER, Millburn Old Guard member, has practiced as an optometrist in North Arlington, NJ for 63 years. He talked to us about Eye Care.




 APRIL 27 – NJ STATE ASSEMBLYWOMEN NANCY F. MUNOZ returned to us to talk about the true state of our state.

 MAY 4, 2017 – ANGELA ELLERBE of Senior Medicare Patrol of NJ provided information for seniors to protect themselves from becoming victims of fraud, waste and abuse.



APRIL 13, 2017 – LYNN RANIERI of the Millburn Historical Society brought  us up to date on the organization and its upcoming move of the museum to the soon to be restored historic Parsil house in Short Hills.

 APRIL 20, 2017 – HARRY TRUMBORE has seen the Millburn Item go from a locally owned small town weekly to a nationally owned enterprise. He told us just what is going on.




 MARCH 30, 2017 - TIM GORDON, recently retired Millburn Township Administrator, talked about how development will change Millburn in the next ten years.

 APRIL 6, 2017 MILLBURN OLD GUARD OPEN HOUSE. Ladies and gentlemen from Millburn, Short Hills and neighboring towns, 55 years and older, were invited to visit us to learn about our activities.



  MARCH 16, 2017 – LINDA WHEELER, Registered Yoga Teacher and founder of Three Leaf Yoga, spoke to us about the importance of exercise and balance training for seniors.

MARCH 23, 2017 -  MIKE ROBERTS,  Millburn Township Fire Chief,  discussed Fire Prevention in the Home.



  JANUARY 19, 2017 – DR. WILLIAM MALTA,  Chiropractor at the Malta Family Wellness Center in Millburn, talked about Chiropractic Wellness.

  FEBRUARY 2 , 2017– JIM RHATICAN, provided to us by the NJ Sharing Network, will speak about his experience of receiving an organ transplant.



JANUARY 5, 2017 - JEAN GAJANO, Executive Director of New Eyes for the Needy, talked about the work of that great organization.


JANUARY 12, 2017 – Dr. MARGARET M. McINTYRE, DMD, talked about Aging Teeth and Changes in your Mouth.




DECEMBER 8, 2016 – ERNEST DEL GUERCIO, CEO of Appraisal Systems, Inc., discussed the Re-valuation of Millburn-Short Hills Real Estate for 2017.



Click here for Chatham Brass Video

On December 15, 2016, the Chatham Brass, a favorable assemblage of top quality musicians, with Millburn Township Senior Citizen Coordinator Jaimee Hawkins participating, performed favorite Christmas and Chanukah tunes.



NOVEMBER 3, 2016 – Drs. Marshall R. Feldman and NANCY KAPLAN, of Essex Union Podiatry in Springfield, wants us to appreciate and care for our feet, which are constantly in motion but so often neglected.

NOVEMBER 10, 2016 – NOLAN ASHE, Historian, returned and told us about our glorious American Constitution, how it was framed and and how central it has been through the years in maintaining the vibrancy of our great country.



OCTOBER 6, 2016 - BILL MYRON, Principal of Millburn HS discussed news of the high school.

OCTOBER 13, 2016 - Jim Merrigan, a retired AT&T executive, talked about his experiences at the Pebble Beach golf tournament.



SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 - Dr. Christine Burton, Superintendent of Millburn Public Schools, and Michael T. King, President of the Board of Education, reviewed the present state of the Millburn school system and discussed school district initiatives, as Dr. Burton begins her second year in Millburn.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 - Dr. VACLAV BENES, retired mathematician, with a wide range of interests and endeavors, talked about hiking sea-to-sea (coast-to-coast) in Northern England.



June 9, 2016 -  L. WILLIAM KELSAY talked about his three combat tours in the pararescue service in Vietnam.  







Click here for Chatham Brass Video


June 16, 2016 - THE CHATHAM BRASS, a favorable assemblage of top quality musicians,  entertained us again, followed by our ANNUAL SUMMER BARBECUE.  





May 20, 2016 -  The Millburn Old Guard  58th Ladies Luncheon at the Canoe Brook Country Club. For more photos, click here.


May 12, 2016 - The Millburn Old Guard featured the Senior Advisory Group, a medley of five experts in fields relevant to seniors. They talked about their specific subjects, including home health aides, home organizing, elder law, home sale and reverse mortgages. The photo photo shows (from left to right): Karen Kahn, Realtor with Keller Williams Premiere Properties, Short Hills, NJ, Mia Kebea, Senior Case Manager, Seniors in Place, LLC, Springfield, NJ, Thomas P. Pizzano, President of Millburn Old Guard (presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to the Senior Advisory Group),  Matthew Glass, CFP, CRPC, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley, Short Hills, NJ,   Lisa Aflalo,  JD, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, NJ Lenders Corporation, Little Falls, NJ, and Constantina Koulosousas, Esq., Attorney, Estate Planning & Elder Care, Wacks Beilin & Weber, Morristown, NJ. 

May 26, 2016 -  Ted D’Alessio, Athletic Director of Millburn High School, is retiring after many years of service in his field. He talked about Millburn Sports, past and present.








April 21, 2016 -  RALPH BACE, Millburn Township Animal Control Officer, talked about Coexisting with our Wildlife Neighbors. He discussed prevention and some solutions with wildlife issues.

April 28, 2016 – BOGDAN COSMA is a teacher at Millburn High School where he is also the advisor of its computer club, which operates an intergenerational program helping seniors to gain computer skills. Mr. Cosma discussed the opportunities offered by modern computers, smartphones and tablets to communicate with friends and family and suggested steps toward obtaining or increasing the skills to use these wonderful tools.



April 7, 2016 -  Barton Ross, Historic Architect and Millburn Historic Preservation Consultant,  spoke about the Township’s ongoing efforts to save its historical buildings, including the restoration of the Parsil House in Short Hills.

April 14, 2016 – Robert G. Walton,  Area Manager of Summit District , Jersey Central Power & Light Company, spoke on Restoring Power after Storms, He discussed the experience gained during Hurricane Sandy and how the power company has initiated changes to adopt to it.


March 24, 2016 – Erica Ohrn, a dietitian at Overlook Medical Center, filled us in on  the important issue of the best nutritional practices we Seniors should follow, including  the importance of limiting our sodium intake.

March 31, 2016 – Mike Hodapp and Jaxon Vigunas, both from Fidelity Investments in Millburn, spoke on “Demystifying Bond Selection for your Portfolio” and “Income Diversification-Creating a Plan to Support Your Lifestyle in Retirement”.


March 10, 2016 – Marge Heller, Administrative Director of Saint Barnabas Medical Center for Community Health, talked about the Challenges of Sleep Disorder.

March 17, 2016 – Clint  Newton and his daughter Mary own and run a family guest home. They talked about the timely subject of Residential Health Care. 


February 18, 2016-  Thomas Watkinson,  Township Engineer, discussed problems, current projects  and future plans   

February 25, 2016- Geoffry Twombly,  of  Keller Williams Realty, discussed  the current state of real estate development.


February 4, 2016 -  Hon. Judy Rosenberg, member of the Millburn Township Committee, discussed  issues of current concern.

February 11, 2016- Mitchell Rait, Esq., President of the Millburn-Short Hills Chamber of Commerce, talked about their mission and work.


January 28, 2016 -  DR. ALAN STUMEYER, a local General Urologist, spoke to us on the subject of Mens Health and how important it is to maintain a system of sound plumbing.

JANUARY 21, 2016 - We took a bus trip to THE GREAT FALLS and museum IN PATERSON with a brief history of the city as a pioneer industrial complex.


December 10, 2015 - MELODY SCHNEIDER and ANN FOLEY, Marketing Representatives of Winchester Gardens, the well respected Maplewood retirement home, discussed the topic of satisfied living in such a community.

December 3, 2015 - TIM GORDON, Millburn Township  Business Administrator, reviewed the various Township activities during 2015 and future plans.



NOVEMBER 19, 2015 - DONNA OCCHIPINTI, of Visiting Physician Services, and MARLENE BOEMI of Bayada Home Health Care spoke to us about The Caring, Sharing Network of Essex County.

NOVEMBER 12, 2015 - CAPTAIN LARRY & SUE VIIG talked about their Great Loop adventure, having travelled by boat from New Jersey up to Canada, the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi, around Florida and up again.


NOVEMBER 5, 2015 - Sing along with CANDY NELSON. She provided us with her selection of popular music & requests.

OCTOBER 29, 2015 - DR. TIM HENDERSON of Gotham Orthopedics and MARGE HALLER, Administrative Director for Community Health and Outreach at Saint Barnabas Hospital will show us how to improve our health and keep it that way.


OCTOBER 22, 2015 - HARRY TRUMBORE, Editor of the Millburn Item, returned to tell us all the important news in our town.

OCTOBER 15, 2015 - JAIMEE HAWKINS, our Millburn Senior Citizen Advisor entertained us on the piano with her “No Frills And No Guarantees” program.



October 1 2015 – Doreen Hill and Anna Bangs, After Care Coordinators of the Center for Life Transition Support Program , talked about their work helping  patients after leaving the hospital.

October 8, 2015 – Lucille Plantemali and Lori Gardner, Certified Infection Prevention Consultants,  discussed the dangers of catching infections, especially in hospitals and gave helpful advice on how to avoid it.


June 4, 2015 – Mitchell Weber, from Assisting Hands Home Care spoke to us about Home Safety, Resources available to Seniors, Agency vs. private care and other areas regarding home care management of the elderly.

September 10, 2015 – John Orzel (right) talked about Admirality Law, “Practicing before the Silver Oar”.  He sailed with us as this admirality lawyer who gave us many interesting insights into the law of the seas.


On May 28, 2015, Larry Roth, a Public Relations Executive, is the author of a book about the little known fact that Nazi Germany hired a top public relations firm in New York to promote their causes with the American public in their rise to power.  He received a certificate from President John Ahlbeck (left) and Program Chairman Paul Thomas.

On May 14, 2015, Michael Shapiro, Esq., Lawyer, CEO and Publisher of the Alternative Press, taps into a network of over 30 on-line local newspapers to keep us current. His alternative press has over 3.5 million current readers. He received a certificate from President John Ahlbeck (left) and Program Chairman Paul Thomas.


On May 7, 2015, Kal Wagenheim, editor and author of 8 books and 10 plays and screenplays, talked about his latest books, School for Lovers and Other Tales, a collection of four stories, and The Secret Life of Walter Mott, a novel set in Newark in 1949. President John Ahlbeck (left) and Henry Wallhauser presented him a certificate.

On April 30, 2015, Leon Brasowski, Director of Environmental Engineering at Covanta Energy Corporation, talked about Energy from Waste – The Sustainable Solution, included a discussion of how a modern Energy-from-Waste system operates, and its benefits to environment, renewable energy and climate change. He received a certificate from Program Chairman Andrew Meyer.


On April 23, 2015, John Zinn, Chairman of the Board of the New Jersey Historical Society, talked about History, Tragedy and Comedy at Ebbets Field: The Brooklyn Dodgers. President John Ahlbeck (left) presented him a certificate.

On April 16, 2015, Harry Trombore, Editor of the Item of Millburn and Short Hills, discussed the present state of  local news coverage. He received a certificate from President John Ahlbeck (center) and Al Grosman (right).



On April 2, 2015, Dr. Yun-Qing Shi, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NJIT, talked about Digital Image Forensics and Information System Security. He received a certificate from President John Ahlbeck and Program Chairman Andrew Meyer


On April 9, 2015, Tom Doty, Millburn Township Forrester, talked about Millburn Township Trees and environmental projects including stream habitat restoration and non-native invasive plant population reduction. He received a certificate from Program Chairman Andrew Meyer and MOG President John Ahlbeck.


On March 12, 2015.  Hon. Leonard Lance, US Congressman, receives a certificate from MOG President John Ahlbeck and Alan Grosman, after his presentation to the Millburn Old Guard .

On March 19, 2015, Ricky Riccardi, archivist for the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, NY, and author of the recent book “What a Wonderful World”, receives a certificate from President John Ahlbeck and Hank Wallhauser, after presenting a talk about Louis Armstrong.


On February 19, 2015, Steve Henry, Deputy Refuge Manager of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, talked about the origins features and issues about this special attraction in our area. He received a certificate from President John Ahlbeck, Program Chairman Hank Wallhauser and Paul Thomas.


On February 26, 2015, Peter Blanchard III, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Greenwood Gardens of Short Hills, gave a presentation about the history, features and growing renown of this beautiful treasure in our midst. He received a certificate from Program Chairman Hank Wallhauser and President John Ahlbeck.





Fellow member’s wife Beverly Friend is a native American. She  talked on January 29, 2015 about the Lenape Indian Story and how these wonderful people lived before and after the arrival of the first settlers. She showed us some native American items and introduced a native dance to us.








Click here for Chatham Brass Video


On December 18, 2014, the Chatham Brass, a favorable assemblage of top quality musicians, performed favorite Christmas tunes.


On January 15, 2015, Dennis Torre of Seaton Hall University College of Public Health talked about Movement Science for senior citizens. He received a certificate from President John Ahlbeck and Program chairman Tom Swartz.


November 13, 2014: Elisabeth Meyer and Sharon Petrucelli of the Rolling Hills Garden Club received certificates from MOG First VP John Ahlbeck, after presenting a talk about the Restoration of the Revolutionary Cemetery, presently being conducted as part of an effort to establish a historical site for Millburn – Short Hills. 

December 4, 2014: DOREEN HALL, After Care Coordinator of the Center for Life Transitions has helped many in understanding the difficult life changes. She received a certificate from MOG from President Tom Pizzano and Program Chairman Paul Thomas.




James W. McCracken, New Jersey Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly, spoke on October 16, 2014. He He received a certificate from MOG First VP John Ahlbeck.



October 23, 2014: Representatives from Saint Barnabas Health Care System discussed the EBOLA  problem and procedures being instituted to prevent the sisease from spreading.  First VP John Ahlbeck presented certificates to the representatives.



September 11, 2014: RICHARD TEETERS, Pastor of Rennaisance Church, Summit, N.J., who led a prayer group  of U.N. Ambassadors for several years, spoke on LIFE LESSONS FROM U.N. AMBASSADORS I HAVE KNOWN. He received a certificate from MOG First VP John Ahlbeck.


September 18, 2014: Author Historian WILLIAM B. STYPLE spoke on MC CLELLAN’S OTHER STORY: The Political Intrigue of Col. Thomas M. Key. Program Chairman James Keegan and MOG First VP John Ahlbeck presented a certificate to the speaker.


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Speaker Kelly Roe of St. Barnabas talked on stroke risk at the May 22, 2014 meeting of MOG.

March 6, 2014: David Kreitzberg, C.F.A. with MOG president Thomas Pizzano and treasurer Govind Singh, after his talk on “Financial and Estate Planning.”



April 10, 2014: Lauren Snowdon and Heather Monaco of Kessler Institute are presented certificates by MOG president Tom Pizzano and Treaserer Govind Singh.

January 16, 2014: Dr. Deborah Phillips, Senior executive in philanthropic organizations and post-doctoral fellow in psychology at Harvard University, presented a talk on "Aging Boldly.”